Monday, April 29, 2013

4 Months Later...

Post by Bonnie

I absolutely cannot believe it has been 4 months since our last post, and 5 months since our last post about the actual T.O. construction! We have many good excuses.  Here are the three most legitimate:

#1 - This winter was much too cold for Joe to work on the T.O.
#2 - The business has been thriving, leaving little time for Joe to work on the T.O.
#3 - It was winter and we were hibernating.  :)

But with warm weather and summer right around the corner, we are beginning to discuss the plans for resurrecting the T.O. project!  It has been sitting like this for 5 months:


Not very exciting, we know. But it will be!

The business continues to be busy, and to be honest Joe will probably not be returning to the T.O. until (gasp) mid-June!  But we are excited to see this through to the end, and we will definitely be better about keeping everyone updated on the progress.

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