Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Tiny Office Plan

Post by Bonnie

Since construction is beginning, I wanted to give a brief overview of the building plan for the Tiny Office (T.O.).  It is being built on a used landscaping trailer, 8' wide by 16' long: 

We bought this beauty for $450 from a local landscaper.

We are building on the trailer so that it can be moved in the future.  Mobility is one of the most unique and important aspects of the tiny house movement and, as we mentioned in a previous post, one of the reasons we are building the T.O.

Inside, the space will be divided into three "rooms."  For now we will use furniture to distinguish some of the spaces, but in the future Joe will build partitions should we convert it to a house.

The T.O. will have one door in the front, two large windows in the "front room", three small windows in the "back room", and one small window in the loft area.  This will be a very bright space!

On our property, this will be the east facing wall.

Though we will not be using the T.O. as a house at this point (thankfully!), we have designed the layout to be converted to a proper tiny house in the future.  The framing and window placement, as well as the loft area, are the main things to consider at this point in preparation for a future bathroom and kitchen.

View of inside the T.O. from the front door

There are many ways to layout a tiny space, and this is what we believe works best for this trailer, for our purposes. 

Let the construction begin!

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