Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome to our Tiny Office dream!

 Hello, and welcome to our blog!

We are very excited to share our Tiny Office journey with you. 
We are also excited to share about what it takes to  
build responsibly, build creatively, and build with quality

 But who are we?
What is a Tiny Office?
And why does it deserve a blog?

We will start with the first question...

Joe = mac & cheese + beer
Bonnie = hummus + coffee

We are Joe and Bonnie.  

We live in Howard County, MD with our two dogs in a converted barn on Joe's parents' property.  Our perfect 800 square foot, one bedroom "cabin" used to be the family's sheep barn, until it was converted in 2005 for Joe's brother & wife.  Three years later they bought a brand new home, and we moved in to the cabin.

Growing up in the type of family that turns barns into awesome houses, Joe has been involved in construction pretty much his entire life.  His parents' 19th century farm house, along with the 6 other buildings on the property (including a fully functional outhouse!) have been a great hands-on education for Joe since his early years.  

Bonnie also grew up around power tools - her father built their family home (just 7 minutes away from Joe's family cute) and continues to work in the construction field.  Living among projects and sawdust didn't quite give her the skills of her father or of Joe, but it did give her an understanding of the construction field. 

In 2011 we started our own home improvement company (more on the reasons why in a later post) with a focus on sustainability, creativity, and overall responsibility.  The business has been growing's been quite an adventure! 

The next step on our adventure is to build ourselves an office.  But not just any office...a Tiny Office!

Throughout the process, we will be sharing tons of:
 photos and how-to's of our project
resources for how to get reusable materials
creative ideas for re-purposing the most unexpected of items
insight into the drama thrill of working with your spouse (!)
and much more!

"But I have no idea what a Tiny Office is!" you may say.  More on that in our next post!

A note about our blog: With the exception of this post, we will each be posting individually, and will sign each blog so you know who is who. (A good bet is that anything related to actually doing work will be from Joe...)

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